Find your "thing" and go for it.

Hey Hey! My name is Ebony Archie and I’m the quirky creative behind SavvySunflower. Honestly, I never thought blogging nor photography would be my “thing”, but both have allowed me to truly find a way to express myself and encourage others to do the same. I am obsessed with vintage clothing and hip hop, so if you left me with a heap of your granny’s clothes while To Pimp a Butterfly was playing I would be in heaven.

When I’m not discovering cool new content for the blog, I’m perusing SoundCloud with my best friend to find new artists or I’m laying out in the sun with a new book. I absolutely love to spontaneously spend my savings to go on last minute trips and I hope I’m cool enough to still go to Music festivals when I’m sixty. I’m currently on a journey to further utilize my academic background in History with my love of all things art and intersectionality.

Where black pride, self-love, and the arts collide.

SavvySunflower is an extension of myself, so I focus many of my posts and curated photographs towards the black experience; a narrative that is often silenced and undervalued but impacts every facet of society today. From art exhibits to music festivals, I gain inspiration and insight into my history from present day creativity. Since self-love is the foundation of my blog, I want black people to see, hear, and read about experiences that pertain to our lives; make us proud of who we are and where we come from. However; my blog is in no way exclusive to any visitor, I truly hope SavvySunflower encourages everyone to express their unique identity and explore their inspirations and creativity.