5 Reminders of Your Self Worth


If you ever feel less than a trillion bucks, or a priceless jewel, here are 5 reminders of your far superior worth and why you deserve to fulfill every wonderful purpose the universe has waiting for YOU. 1. There is only ONE you. In a world of 7, 478, 185, 953 people (as of 1/17/17 @ 11:54 PM to be exact) there is only one person that is you. It sounds quite overwhelming and you can miss out on the importance of your uniqueness. Since you're the only person on this Earth who is you, why not be authentic in self. YOU have a purpose ordained only for you, talents which you will share with the world in a unique way.

2. Make the mula, don't let it make you. Nothing of monetary value compares to you. Your price is not of this world, so don't ever attempt to explain your worth monetarily, you will not only be doing yourself a disservice, but you will never capture your essence by comparing it to worldly things. Yes, money helps us survive on Earth, and can afford us many opportunities, but it doesn't speak to who we are no matter how much money we have or don't have. So if you're doing something strange for a little piece of change, make sure its the kind of currency the universe will cash, not the kind that jingles.

3. You set the Standard. Don't let someone tell you who you are or what you will be, for they don't know what God has up his sleeve. Constantly speak affirmations to yourself. Tell yourself "I'm Beautiful, I deserve Love, I will accomplish my wildest dreams, I am priceless and I love me." It's a simple way to remind yourself that you are the flame and you are in control of if you allow someone to put it out or not. Just like my favorite kid's choir song says "This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let it Shine". You Lit. Stay Lit.

4. It's not About what's on the Outside its Allllll About them Insides. This was a difficult realization for me. It was hard not to believe that you needed to look a certain way for boys to like you or wear the latest J's to not get "roasted" in Middle School, but I began to recognize people respect you a lot more when you do your own thing and plus why are we taught as girls to care what boys think of us anyway. -___- The courage to step out and be yourself never comes from external forces, but it ultimately comes from you. Don't be scared to let your inner beauty come to the surface. Once you can get past the latest designer bags, the natural or weave, the Yeezy's or the Adidas you begin to realize none of it matters if you suck internally. So work on grooming your internal self, making it beautiful and kind. It not only makes you feel Michelle Obama fly, but it allows other people to see the worth in themselves also and that's just bad-ass.

5. You Deserve. You Deserve Love. You Deserve Peace. You Deserve Good. You Deserve Forgiveness. You Deserve Healing. You Deserve a Second Chance. You Deserve Compassion. You Deserve Mercy. You Deserve Grace. You are Good.

You truly are a work of art, crafted by the anomaly of God and sent forth into the crazy thing we call life. You must never forget that and strive continuously to remind yourself of the awesomeness that is you. There is no one like you, so embrace that, cling to it. Help others do the same. For once we can see our self-worth; we can go out into the world boldly and create that which we are called to do without fear and without doubt.