Chance the Rapper drops "No Problem" day before Chance 3


As we anxiously await Chance 3, Chance the Rapper dropped a fiyah tune from the album called "No Problem", featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. So obviously, my mind was blown; since I'm a huge Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper fan. Also Chance has mentioned that he looks up to Lil Wayne, seeing that he is one of the hugest rap legends for us millennials. CHECK OUT THE SONG HERE!

The amazing thing about this five minute song is that it's perfectly Chance the Rapper in melody and beat, but he ties that in with two of the biggest rap stars at the moment, reminding us that there is no dichotomy in hip-hop and definitely no limits on what hip hop "sounds like".

The tone of "No Problem" reminds me of Metro Boomin's famous hook "If young Metro don't trust you imma' shoot ya" with Chance touting ,not only is he surrounded by angels, but two "Real Ones" (2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, and a myriad of artists and people supporting Chance) are willing to set things straight for him.


Chance has definitely made an impression on the music industry as a whole, seeing that he is an independent artist with growing clout in the hip hop industry. Seriously, when you have Jay-Z and Beyonce showing up to your show....there are definitely angels on your side.

I personally can't wait until Chance 3 drops tomorrow and it seems that it will carry many themes, though it seemed the album would be a gospel album. After his bomb-ass performance of "Blessings" on Jimmy Fallon I was super stoked, but after No Problems I know I must prepare my soul for the life it will receive.