Color your Life!


There's this weird understood "rule" of fashion. Only wear bight colors during the Spring and Summer, maybe Fall, but definitely not during the winter. However I feel like Winter is the perfect time to color your life and brighten up the scenes around you. The leaves are dead, the vibrant flowers preparing for Spring, and quite frankly, sometimes your mood takes a nose dive. For people like me who gain inspiration and happiness from seeing others express their unique self; I love to see rule breakers during the winter. I love it when I see women wear long coats and short skirts, with NO stockings or tights. I love to see people wear long layers, three coats, and heels. I love seeing bright yellow bubble jackets with pink boots.  I love to see people doing exceptional things when there should be rules. Therefore; I choose to wear color and mix patterns. I love to translate the vibrancy of life through my backgrounds, clothing, smiles, and words. The fact we are granted a new day makes us colorful, it makes us alive! So yea, its cold as hell outside, but God gave us a new day and I wanted to share my happiness about that through colorful pictures and movement. I hope you find pieces of yourself and places that remind you of the vibrancy of life this winter, especially when everything looks so drab. Peace and a Whole Lotta Love,