Don't Touch My Hair


There was Rick James and then there was Solange. Since "A Seat at the Table"  was released; I have wanted scalp braids and beads so I could show myself that I can always be authentically me as Solange did for us throughout her entire album.... seriously Master P is like a Gangsta Ghandi or nah? prayers were answered! I went to Ronisha's Posh Parlor and she was surprisingly excited to braid my hair, even though I was her first client to ask for beads. (this is honestly just the beginning). Aside from the constant hair inspiration from Rick and Solange, I found a fellow blogger named LaSaina, who really inspired me to just go for it!

The process took approximately 2 hours, mainly due to the beading of hair, I have never felt more authentic of self and awesome. Since I'm going to LA this weekend for Flog Gnaw, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to "do me" and push the boundaries of  "appropriate hairstyles". More than anything I hope in my journey of self-acceptance and self-expression, someone will want to do the same!

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As Always,

Peace and A whole Lotta' Love.

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