Hood Apothecary # 1


An Intro: Concerts 1-40

I go to cheap concerts and I ain’t shamed! I scour the web for cheap concerts period. In 2013 I saw Kendrick Lamar and Wale, in 2016 I saw Travis Scott and Rae Sremmurd, just saw SZA, and recently saw Noname, Smino, and a host of other amazing artists. Every single one of those tickets was either free or under $50.00, excluding the Music Festival tickets. As an avid music lover and impulsive concert-goer, I pride myself on finding a spectrum of spaces in the South, specifically, with affordable prices. Plus, they offer different experiences, which always enrich my love for music, people, and remind me how music is an integral wellness practice for many people.

Over the course of October 2017 I created a list of music artists, up-and coming, established, and legendary who have shaped my perception of the world around me and I realize I have seen over 30 artists on that list in the past two years.*This blew my mind once I realized 23 of those shows were under $40.00 and were not more than three hours from Memphis or in Memphis, where I live. The only splurges I make are for bomb-ahh Music Festival Lineups like this one here. I was blessed to go for free as a Media Outlet. (I mean really Sango and Soulection, I DIE) Plus, you get a major bang for your buck by seeing multiple artists with thousands of like-minded people who love the same artists as you or who may inspire you to explore a new genre of music. 

With almost five years under my belt as a festival phene, and concert connoisseur, I think its time to share how I enable my love, my favorite wellness practice  with healthy, affordable, and rational methods. However; I first want to share my list of concerts I’ve attended since 2016* and the ones I want to attend in the future, so you can get a taste of my eclectic listening palette.

I hope through sharing more of my concert and music festival experiences, you will feel more comfortable attending Music festivals across the country and concerts in your own backyard without breaking the bank.  O yea, what’s your favorite concert or music festival you’ve attended thus far and who are your three top artists you would love to see?

Peace and A Whole Lotta Love,