How To: Casual Fall Outfit


Fall is one of my favorite seasons, not because the pretty leaves and flowers die, but because the fashion trends are fabulous. Fall is a time where you can wear shorts and boots, long-sleeves with short skirts, and make flirty layers. Therefore Fall is a great time to play-around with your wardrobe and pair unconventional pieces together. I kept it simple: white cotton shirt, patterned skirt, cool shoes. This is a fool proof outfit no matter the season, for anything can be paired with white and I believe in mixing patterns to achieve complexity. OK OK, I lied. I woke up at 8:20 AM to get to work by 8:40 AM and I threw this on and somehow it worked. White shirts are a lifesaver!

So my casual outfit equation for today is comfy white shirt + fun skirt + simple shoe + statement necklace.

It's easy, cute, and a sure way to come up with an outfit when you're under pressure and time constraints.


Also the sunlight still brings warmth in the Fall, so I try my best to appreciate the warm days before it gets too cold! What's your favorite casual outfit this Fall?

As always,

Peace and a whole Lotta' Love

Savvy Sunflower