It's Chrimuhh and its Earthy


I'm not the biggest Christmas person, but my mom loves it so the Christmas spirit seeps into me through her love of holiday carols and songs. However as I grow older I've started to dance around the house, in the mirror, in the driveway, to Christmas carols and songs. No biggie. Its always been something about the love of the Holidays expressed through clothing; Ive had a difficult time doing. You can check out what I mean by subscribing to my blog here! People think of glitter, sequins, and sparkles during this time of year, which is a little too glamorous for me at the moment. I've been into layering neutralities and staying true to my love for patterns, so I created an "Earthy Christmas" look. It's calm, cool, and sophisticated. I like it. My photographer Gene said I looked like an LL Bean ad for their Fall/Winter lookbook, I must admit I feel like it, but in my all thrifted outfit. The closest thing to name brand I have on is my vintage Tommy Hilfiger knitted sweater. It was super comfy too!

I'm beginning to enjoy the Holidays, maybe because the gift of J.C. is truly the gift that keeps on giving and I don't ever want to that for granted.