Memphis Fashion Week 2017


The fifth annual Memphis Fashion Week occurred April 5-8 , in which I attended Friday's Featured Designers runway show where big names like SLOANE and Nicole Miller showcased their latest designs. This year was definitely telling of the growth and intention of Memphis Fashion Design Network to place its Fashion Week among other notable cities like Atlanta and Austin. The show even moved from its former location of Memphis School of Art to the newly renovated Crosstown Concourse, which created a space of vintage architecture with modern and clean design. Crosstown is truly a wonderful blend of history with modernity, so it definitely set vibes of "Memphis is fancy and progressive, but we never forget where we come from". I am often intrigued by the people who attend, what they wear often sets the tone of eccentricity and individuality. I believe Memphis has a ton of potential to really tap into the individuality of fashion, of expressing oneself through style. There were a few standouts in the crowd who I really enjoyed seeing, but I hope as Memphis Fashion Design Network grows  the spectrum of people who participate in and attend Memphis Fashion Week will truly reflect the eccentricities and style I've seen throughout Memphis. I felt like there was something missing from the crowd, perhaps it was more diversity or more bold outfits, but I truly believe as people began to see MFW as an homage to fashion, they will step outside of their comfort zones to have fun with their style. I'm looking forward to see how MFDN plans to wow us next year, I was thoroughly impressed and hope to see how they broaden their scope of designers and those that attend.

Peace and Love,