Denim and Monochrome


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I like monochrome, not monotonous. Monotone is boring. Monochrome is alluring, cunning, and often everyone can achieve it. Since monochromatic outfits stick to one color; there are a variety of textures and hues of the singular color that one can play with. Blue is a cool, summery color that is often not paired together for fear of looking dated, but if monochromatic 'fits are executed fiercely there's no way it will look tacky.

I chose ripped denim, mainly because it's everywhere. It's the new hot trend in denim. Kim Kardashian is often seen wearing ripped denim pants and a nude colored top. Ciara recently wore ripped denim pants with a plaid shirt for a trendy casual look.

A button down with jeans always refines denim and when paired with single-sole heels, it creates an urban casual look that anyone can achieve. Since I do love patterns I added, a blue striped shirt to add more visual variety to my outfit and I can't ever leave my house without at least three rings. The clutch I chose is less of a statement piece and more of a way to add texture without overwhelming the outfit. Hope you enjoy!


Peace and Love,

Savvy Sunflower