Preparing for 2017 in a Self-Love Way


Growth isn't easy and I'm accepting that. I've always liked the idea of change, the realization that we are continuously transforming into a refined version of ourselves with hard work and faith. However there are some moments, many moments, when we doubt change and fear growth. We asked for it, but what does it mean now? Sometimes that means we've learned how to love healthier, how to heal, how to be bad-ass and sometimes that means we've learned how to budget finances, how to step out of our comfort zones, how to be a "morning person". That's the beauty of it and the fear of it all in one. We desire growth, anticipate it, and receive it all in wonder. It's as if we never expected it. I'm learning how to transform my fear, my doubt in growth into assured faith. Growth accommodates our humanity and uses our transgressions as grace and mercy. Growth transforms our fear of the unknown into confidence in life's journey. That's what God does; he changes us and we grow in him. I'm extremely filled with gratitude for all that has occurred in 2016 because it has undoubtedly prepared me for 2017. The beautiful, the ugly, the wonder,the disappointment, the loss, the rebuilding, is all  for my good. It's for your good. You are good. You deserve growth. You deserve healing. Believe that all change is for your good, to teach lessons of what is good and what needs healing. The oncoming of 2017 gives us the perfect opportunity to see this past year as lessons to grow us for our good.


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