Self-Love Series: Amber


For Day 7 of the self-love series I asked a friend, who I truly believe is  the next Bill Gates. Her entrepreneurial experience is unlike anybody's I have met. I can't wait to take over the world with you girlie! Self-Love Day 7:

“I consider myself a crayon. I may not be your favorite color, but one day you're going to need me to complete your picture.” -Lauryn Hill

The questions to myself were, “What is your color? Will you be the green in the grass? The orange in the sunset? The grey in the clouds? Or the black in the pavement on the roads?” Before I chose my color, I begin to think about what my place really is in the world and what my contribution is to the progression of everything around me. My color is green. Green is how you know the difference between what’s alive and dead around you. Green is sometimes overlooked, but it plays a very significant role in life directly and indirectly. In fact, we as humans could not exist on this planet without plants because they are what give us oxygen to live as we provide them with carbon dioxide. I decided to be the important thing that has purpose whether it’s acknowledged or overlooked. Which is what I feel makes me great as a person. I can be great on my own or in sync with others. As long as I fulfill my purpose. I can recall not being sure of where I belonged simply because of feelings of inadequacy. It was not until I found myself broken and alone when I realized how powerful I truly was. How I could declare my days with my color, declare my future with my faith in God that gave me purpose, and put love into the universe to have it returned in double the dose. All of us have a color in this picture that we call life. Green just so happens to be my own. Some days are dark and some are bright, but all of them have purpose. I realized that an important part of loving myself was connected to understanding that. So the love that I have within for self is just like the color green.

by: Amber Brown

As we almost come to the closing of the second week I hope your hearts have taken in what each brave contributor has written. I'm always amazed each day by the Self - Love Series!

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As always peace and a whole lotta love,

SavvySunflower :)