Self Love Series: Brianna


Today starts the best part of the Self Love Series: Guest Contributors! Each day a different woman that I have reached out to will contribute a blog post about self-love and self-worth. There's no better way to explore these subjects, but with the opinions of a variety of beautiful women.

Its an honor to give a platform to every woman I reached out to. You giving time to something that means so much to me can never be repaid, but I can acknowledge the kindness you have shown me.

To my first contributor: Your kind soul has never changed. It's what makes you so rare and unforgettable. Thank you for being you.

Self Love Series Contributor Post #1

These are some questions I have to ask myself to keep me going on a daily basis. 1. What if my mother wasn’t on the other end of the phone to encourage me? 2. Do I have enough motivation and confidence stored up in myself to keep me going? 3. What about when your closest family doesn’t even take your passions seriously? Here are two particular instances when I have to rely on my gifts and know that whatever may happen, as long as I use my gifts, God will make room for the rest. I believe that musicians and cooks have something in common. In both professions, you may find yourself seeking final validation and approval from others. For a singer this would be a standing ovation at the end of a performance. For a cook or chef, it would be a dinner guest seeking a second helping of whatever is on the menu, or just a clean plate at the end of dinner. In my world, the two are equal. But what if after one performance, you don’t get the standing ovation? What if you happen to see someone adding seasoning to your main dish? Do you stop singing or cooking? At the end of the day, I wonder why I keep getting up to practice music, or why I love cooking so much. But in the midst of wondering, I know that some things must remain true and that the answers to these questions are present within myself. Love is the thing that keeps the wheel spinning. I have to love my gifts in order to keep trying to make them into something valuable. I have to love myself to a level of building upon what was given to me. I’m saying that loving myself enough not to settle for the ordinary, is loving myself to go beyond what people expect. It means that people will think you are crazy for pursuing something totally outside of what you study in college. It means that it’s ok to change majors three times. It’s ok to not know what you want to be when you grow up. It means that you are ok with the world knowing who you are and not apologizing for it. I have had it said to me many times: if you mess up on a song, or a recipe, don’t apologize. You can’t take it back, but it is your choice whether or not you love yourself enough to try again.


I hope you enjoyed her musings on self love and will share with people, friends, women, loved ones. These stories deserve to be heard. They need to be heard.

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Peace and Love,

Savvysunflower :)