Self-Love Series Day 2: Kimberly


Self-Love is truly accepting who you are.  Not how the world defines you, not by the degrees you possess or by your job title, and not by being Mr. & Mrs. So & So’s daughter.  But, simply by you accepting the very essence of your being. The journey to self-love and self-discovery doesn’t happen overnight nor does it come easy.  You have to go through some challenging life experiences. Self-Love isn’t a state; it’s a fluid journey, filled with twists & turns.  It’s how you have made peace with your past, embrace your current self and push to create an even better you for the future.  If done right, you’ll never arrive at self-love as an exact destination.  Because you must continue to grow.  You must continue to change.  If not, life isn’t being lived, you have become stagnant.  And once you become stagnant, you have ceased growing and will likely never achieve your divine purpose.

Self-Love is accepting that you deeply fell in love with the wrong person, enjoyed the experience and now have regrets.  It’s ok, self-love is learning, self-love is failing and self-love is triumphing!

Self-Love is identifying your true essence and loving what you find out about yourself.  Self-Love is loving yourself, flaws and all. Self-Love when truly actualized also requires that others love you as well, if they are going to have a front row seat in your life. Self-Love is realizing that when you grow, everyone who started the journey with you, won’t finish with you.  Remember everybody isn’t built or blessed to go to the next level with you. Self-Love is loving yourself enough to know when to let go of those who are no longer adding joy and peace to your life.

Self-Love is knowing the difference between loving someone, simply because it feels good versus knowing if someone is truly your divine life-partner. Self-Love is validating yourself.  You can’t wait for the world to place a high price-tag on you, because the world will surely place you on the discount rack if you allow it.

Self-Love is knowing that there is peace in requiring that others treat you with integrity, respect and gentleness.  Self-Love is also, you knowing when to be the right someone’s safe place to fall.  Self-Love isn’t pretentious and has nothing to prove to anyone.  You are more than enough, simply because the Master breathed life into your soul.

Self-Love is seen in my life, by me no longer having the need to please everyone. I no longer have to say, “yes.”  I show up when I want too.  I do for others, not because it is expected of me, but because I want.  Self-Love is being absolutely un-bothered when I step in a room with other beautiful and accomplished sisters.  Self-Love allows me to help my sister get to the next level.  Self-Love empowers you to make boss moves not just for yourself, but for another who needs your help.  Self-Love doesn’t need the applause of others to feel secure.

My true inner self-love doesn’t change whether the crowd is with me or against me.  My self-love is a gift I give to myself.  My self-love is knowing when I have done enough and that I am not anyone’s Savior. Self-Love has enabled me to walk away, when situations or relationships became unhealthy.  My Self-Love has given me the strength to accept my mistakes and limitations and not allow me to hold myself hostage to my past. This is very poignant.  Because the world will want to continue to remind you of who used to be or what you once did.  But, you must move forward and learn to love yourself, regardless of your past transgressions, mistakes or sins.  The test of Self-Love is learning to love yourself, when you are at your worst.  It doesn’t mean you don’t acknowledge your mistakes, but it means you learn from it, make a mends and move forward.  But, even in the valley you must love yourself as you do when you are on the mountain-top!

My advice to others on their journey to self-love.  Is that you must recognize that it is a process.  It is a living state of being.  It will change from year to year and sometimes daily.  It’s similar to growing pains.  You must actively strive to reach your state of self-love.  The passage of time won’t do it alone.  It takes going through experiences. It takes making mistakes.  But, mostly, Self-Love DEMANDS that you forgive yourself and accept that certain things happened.  Moreover, Self-Love, encourages you to not dwell in a hole of despair, it pushes you to move forward…one step at a time.

Lastly, for me, Self-Love is divinely tied to my faith and love of God.  It doesn’t matter, whether you pray to God, kneel to Allah or Bay at the Moon...there is a Higher Power that is watching over your life.  My love for Christ teaches me, that because I belong to the King, because I am a daughter of Royal Blood, because Jesus died for me, I am indeed, more than enough.  If God thought enough for me to be in this earthly physical vessel, that means, he had a divine mission for me to accomplish. Everyone has that same mission, that same light, that same divine calling.  We are all anointed and that alone is the very essence of Self-Love.



Kimberly L. Campbell, Esq., is the Newly Appointed State Director for AARP in Mississippi. At AARP she is responsible for all initiatives that involve the 50+ population and their families.  She also promotes the national agenda of AARP and has a strong presence in Washington, DC and throughout the entire state of Mississippi. Kimberly is committed to her nearly 300,000 AARP members in Mississippi, to living their best lives.

Some of her professional/community affiliations are:  Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc., Jackson State University’s Institute of Government Advisory Board Member, Junior League of Jackson, Leadership Jackson Alumni, Mississippi Women Lawyers Association, National Association of Black Elected Legislative Women and Public School Community Partner.

Lastly and most importantly, she is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters.