Self-Love Series: Jessica


For Day 3 of the Self-Love Series I am hoping every black woman reads this. Its ironic that Jessica sent this post while issues of black aesthetics and using art as a medium for social justice are being debated. Beyonce didn't say "we slay" in Formation for nothing....there's a profound message of self-love for black women in it also.


Self-Love Series Day 3

As a black woman in America, there are specific characteristics and behaviors that are acceptable. There is not room for the natural flow of self-love because from birth a specific love is taught in order to navigate the societal sphere. Many feelings of hesitation, frustration and hatred filled my childhood and teenage years. I did not understand why I had to go through a daily routine to alter myself in order to be “presentable”. I found myself being something that was unnatural and impossible.

I did not love myself, I loved an image I was supposed to be and for many years I maintained that image. It was not until I refused to remain uncomfortable and uneasy with myself that I began to really think about what self-love meant. I live a life full of quotes and inspiring words, so it was fitting to find a quote that reflected the way I wanted and needed to feel. The fearless Eartha Kitt spoke to my soul with these words, “My recipe for life is not being afraid of myself, afraid of what I think or of my opinions.”

For so long my recipe was the complete opposite. Once I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new recipe, I became nourished with an abundance of love. I had to overcome myself and come to terms with the fact that I will not be able to please everyone. The new recipe book of self-love caters to the serving size of one, and it is completely fine to be selfish with yourself. I am responsible for me just as you are responsible for you. With that, self-love requires the most organic, ripest, and freshest of ingredients to insure unconditional love. Love for one’s self to me means comfort, confidence, selfishness, and peace.

I am Jessica Ramey from Clarksville, TN. I currently reside in Memphis, TN, where I attend Rhodes College. Post-graduation, I plan to either explore law school specifically, real estate and development, or pursue teaching in elementary urban education.

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