Self-Love Series: Kai Part II


For Day 9 of the Self-love Series we have Kai again for Part II. If you missed the first half of her self-love post, you should definitely read it here so you'll know whats going on! Self-Love Series Day 9:

Doing that means fighting the structures that don’t want me to love myself, benefit from me ignoring my needs, and choosing to move toward thriving, and that is undeniably a radical act.  I like to create a list of things that work for me, that I have discovered about myself, and that I have picked up on from others along the way. Sleep, green foods, water, mani/pedis, talking to a good friend, good music, dancing to good music, stretching, meditating on my dreams (even the farfetched ones… especially the far fetched ones), unapologetically using my sick and vacation days, grounding myself in the present, and remembering to pray and be grateful are some of my tools. These are things that make me feel more human. What makes you feel most human?

Also when the time comes when I am actually feeling very lovely, self-loving, happy, and inspired… I write that shit down. Write why I’m proud of myself, or why I like my body, why I should be ecstatic about where I am in my life, and maybe simply (it's never simple though) stating “I am amazing”. I just get it down on a scrap of paper. And then take that piece or these pieces of paper and put them discreetly away for later. When I feel crappy, frustrated with myself, or feeling something I don't have the language to even describe, I read those little pieces of paper and meditate on my own words, reminding myself of not only how deserving of love I am but also that I am capable of feeling love deeply and compassionately about myself. In some small ways, I am capable of accessing tools and language for self love that work for me.

Self love is complicated. Self love is a process. Self love is radical. But most of all self love is necessary.


I want to end by thanking any and everyone that read the stream of consciousness written above. I also want to thank Ebony aka Savvy Sunflower for doing this self-Love series and reiterate that it is such an amazing resource and one that I will be revisiting as I progress and practice self love more. I believe that self love is something that we must revisit over and over again. It’s not ourselves that we are fighting or fixing or whatever, but it is ourselves that we are rediscovering and liberating from an often and sometimes daily call to sacrifice our well-being and for many, sacrifice our humanity.


Please save, share, and revisit this series! Also please see and share this Blavity article for more resources:

  • Kai is a native of Jackson, MS, a recent graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York, and currently lives in Washington, DC where she is currently doing a lot of working, growing, and dreaming.

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A huge thanks to everyone whose stopped by for Week 2, make sure to come back for Week 3. I'm super nervous about next week, I've included some people who mean the world to me.

As always Peace and a whole 'lotta Love,

Savvysunflower :)