Self-Love Series : Omolola


For Day 6 of the self-love series we have Omolola writing! I'm absolutely thrilled because shes definitely a black young woman I look up to and is a fellow womanist. May you ever continue growing and believing in those things that matter. Much Love to all that you are. Self-Love Series Day 6

Pen to paper…fingers to keys…it must be declared that I am in love with me. The war cries of my soul have sounded the alarm. So in response a warrior I have become. Welcome to my feelings, welcome to my heart…are you ready for what’s now about to start?

I am a young Nigerian-American native to the country southern city limits of Memphis, and this endeavor to not only experience, but to indulge in, self-love is one that is becoming more and more of a personal priority. I didn’t grow up in a house where I was taught to take care of myself simply to remain sane or so that I may be comfortable with my own damn self, instead I did it so that others could give me their stamp of approval. Nevertheless, this project of self-love is one that I have learned to name for myself as it translates into an unbounded source of empowerment for both those around me and myself.

Recently, my struggle has been to find mental, spiritual, and emotional space where I am comfortable with loving me the way that I am currently. I am fighting through shame, discomfort, and fear, yet I suppose what seems to be carrying me is this belief that I can and actually deserve to love myself in spite of.

So it is here that we find ourselves on the road to learning what it means to exist and live within Love. Self-love is not simply having love for yourself, but I believe it to be a cultivated relationship that brings all aspects of you into the Divine nature of Love. Self-love is a journey about acceptance. It is also about faith while simultaneously being about creation. Before it is about standards for others to observe as they deal with my person, it is about standards that must be established and observed by me as I engage with this complex being that I call by a specific name.

Some days are easier than others as sometimes we let temporary circumstances get the best of our mind and spirit. Yet, what personal experience has shown me time and time again is that when I am my highest self I attract my highest compliment, and together we create the highest ultimate. A special thanks goes out to Miss Savvy Sunflower as this is truly an honor to be featured on your blog for a month as powerful as this one.

Ashé, Omolola

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Peace and a whole 'lotta Love,

Savvy Sunflower :)