Self -Love Series: The Why


Often times, our pain provides the foundation to joy and resilience. The Self-Love Series spawned from years of low self-esteem and a yearning for a space to heal, to express myself, and to learn from others who are doing the same. Three years later, and I continue to search for food in people’s souls, the nourishment that fills hearts and reassures me that life is a journey…and somehow, we are made the better throughout.

The core of the Self-Love Series is to leave you full of love for self and a desire to share that with your family, friends, strangers, and hopefully, the world.

The video above is my offering, my introduction to the self-love series and why it matters. Our hearts deserve to know the depths of self-care, confidence, and love from our sacred souls, so that when we go out into the world we only seek that which reflects what we give to self. We only do better when we know better. We only receive substantive relationships when we imbue substance into ourselves. We only receive genuine, healthy, fulfilling love, when we give ourselves that type of love first.

I’ve never laid the foundation before, explained my why or what, and this year I believe I should. So, welcome to the Self-Love Series. Share if your heart is moved. Email me if you want to share good news or send some suggestions. My heart is already full for you entered and offered your time to love yourself a little bit more.

Song playing- Happiness x Rudy Rhymer

As always,

Peace and a Whole Lotta’ Love,


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