Southern Fall Outfit


Although Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons for weather, Fall and Winter clothing is incomparable. I love thigh-high boots, thrifted sweaters, and flawless makeup (it doesn't melt off your face). However living in the South yields crazy, unpredictable weather, which means shorts and over-sized sweaters or boots and sleeveless shirts are commonplace. I couldn't wait for it to truly become fall (whatever that means in Memphis, TN), so I paired my black suede thigh boots and a floral swing dress together to create the perfect "Southern Fall Outfit". I love this purse, I've had it since 9th grade and recently found it in my mom's closet...I tend to take-over closets.

A lot of the pictures for this post had to be deleted because I was doubled-over laughing since I was sharing the I Heart Memphis mural with a hilarious family. They were dressed up as Captain America and an unrecognizable Power Ranger while they Whipped, Nae-Naed, and Hit the Quanned their hearts away. I thank them for the laughs and awkward photo-shoot; it made my week!


What are your favorite "Southern Fall Outfits" or fall clothes??!

As always,

Peace and a whole lotta' love,

Savvy Sunflower