Southern Style and a Pimp Named Leroy


How often do we get to feel like a pimp named Leroy? Not often. However I thought it would only be right for me to come home and embrace my Mississippi roots with a cow-printed fur coat and snakeskin boots. I have always had an obsession with being a 70's playa pimp who drives a 73' Cadillac with gold rims. I got pretty close!

Most of my outfit was thrifted, per usual, but I got my faux leather pants from TopShop and my shoes came from JustFab. I love being able to come home and just let my hair down and have fun. Huge thanks to my mom for being my photographer, even though she gave me some choice words throughout! I feel like I've been so serious lately and just wanted to remind y'all that I'm still goofy and awkward as hell.

A Pimp Named LeroyA Pimp Named LeroyA Pimp Named LeroyPimp Named LeroyA Pimp Named LeroyA Pimp Named LeroyA Pimp Named Leroy

As always,

Peace and a whole lotta' love,