Tips for Finding your "Definitive Style"


I've never had a definitive style and I always read in magazines, on blogs, and other outlets that I should have a "definitive style". I've gone through phases where I forced myself to only wear patterns, or only where monochromatic looks and it sucked, if we're being honest. I began to miss my obsession with grey and black during my patterns phase while I was missing color mixing during my monochromatic phase. Therefore I've come to the conclusion that I'm different. Not arrogant, child prodigy different (I wish I was a child prodigy), but different in that I can never fit into one box. I'm many boxes. For example, I've always hated multiple choice tests, especially the personality tests. I always began frantically thinking "I love to go out and meet new people, but I would always rather be by myself reading a book", so am I an introvert or an extrovert! That's a question I still don't have the answer to and I don't think I'll ever be able to answer the "definitive style" question either. I think I'll survive if I never figure out why I like to wear patterns one day and all-black the next or why I love to shop in the men's clothing section and vintage lingerie (for day outfits, mom). You can see for yourself here and here -____-

It's always once I allow fashion critics and latest trends to dictate who I should be or what I should wear that I become doubtful of what I wear and who I am. So, if wearing Girbaud jeans and money du-rags is your thing, know that not only are you being "untrendy", but you are also giving me LIFE. Who cares about a definitive style if you're doing it well. If you feel like you're doing too much, maybe everyone else isn't doing enough...well, I don't mean that entirely. Sometimes, we all do too much and need good friends and self-reflection to check us every once in a while; but walk boldly in who you are and how you choose to express that outwardly.

I think if more people dressed as they truly wanted to, we would be less intrigued by all the fashion "faux pas" and more interested in how their creative mind put it all together in such an aesthetically pleasing package.

So for future reference, I don't have a style nor can I truly explain it to you. I wear what I want and walk boldly in knowing I'm being myself, but hey, one day I might settle on a "definitive style". I'm still a work in progress, ya know.

As always,