Voodoo Festival: What to Wear and Bring Along


I'm going to Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans! After selling my Bonnaroo Festival tickets in 2014 and 2015 , I told myself "you deserve a music festival before the year ends". As countless festivals appeared on my Facebook timeline I felt more and more sure that I was not going to attend a festival this year. Mainly because of the cost and the cost of travel (like $800.00) ....and nobody has time for that. So I settled for a Chance the Rapper concert, which is far from settling considering he's one of my favorite artists and the Music Gawds came through.

Long story short his concert in New Orleans was the closest to me and then I realized he was performing at VoodooFest. The tickets weren't ridiculously expensive (I bought a day pass) and it's during Halloween, so I get to dress ostentatious af and see DeadMau5 while being in New Orleans. Not bad AT ALL.  See the Voodoo Festival lineup.


new orleans weather Oct 31- Nov 1

If you're worried about what to bring to a rainy festival here's a definitive list of things to bring to Voodoo Festival or any festival where rain is imminent.


This is what I thought I would wear!! My Fave Festival Wear!



hair and beauty 2 things you'll forgetmost important I really really hope Chance The Rapper performs Angels on Sunday!!!


See you at VOODOO Fest!

Peace and a Whole lotta' love,

Savvy Sunflower