Wear What Makes you Happy!

There was a time when I cared about what I wore and how others would perceive me. Now I wear what I want and I've never been happier! I haven't posted a fashion post in over a year, which is so unacceptable, but its tied to a larger changing in self. Over the past year I've diligently did some introspective cleaning, so that I can get to the heart of the matters that matter to me. I love clothes and I love how people express themselves; therefore it made sense for me to really dedicate myself to my blog again. I've taken pictures of streetstyle around Memphis for over a year now and I am THRILLED to share my archived and new pictures of fashion inspiration around Grind City on my #SavvyLove tab (COMING SOON). It's time to start again and I'm back....for good. I'm so excited to share with you how I love to express myself through the clothes I wear and I hope you feel inspired to do the same.

I found this space when I was directed through a detour the night of the Elvis Presley Museum Protest (ironic hunh) and I thought I will come back here to do a blog post. It feels like fun nights unremembered happened there and that feeling was infectious throughout the entire photo shoot. I danced and smiled my way through every picture and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them for YOU.

blouse- vintage Ralph Lauren

skirt- thrifted

shoes- Just FAB (link to shoes)

necklace- Forever 21


As always Peace and Love,